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If you’re looking dedications of love , you’re in luck, because we have a list of the best you can find online, fully ready for you to use with that person you love so much.


Here are a few dedications of love:valentine day whatsapp dp hearts

Do you know what “I’m cold” means? It comes from Latin, and means “Come and hold me.”

Sometimes I want to kill you … Kisses. Sometimes I love you screams … I love you. Sometimes I want to leave … rose petals all over the landing.

There is nothing better than love at your side.

I have all the feelings of the world in my heart, but your presence in it makes you feel only the joy and the passion, and you take care to hide the sadness and the pain.

The first time I saw you, a smile escaped me. And the second. And the third…

The second best thing you can do with your lips is to smile. The first is kissing me.

The other day my parents wanted to talk about drugs with me. And I told them that my only drug is being with you.

What kind of drug do you add to your kissing to make it so addictive?

I do not expect anything from this life to pass you by.

I’m selfish and I can not help it. I love you just for me, and I also want that in your mind alone I appear.

The love I feel for you is so great that it does not fit in my heart. I think that’s why I feel these butterflies in my stomach, they are a sign of passion.

I love you I adore you. And I would not know what to do without you in this life, because you are everything.

Cupid threw an arrow and stuck it in my heart. That’s why for you, every day, I lose my mind.

I give you the whole world the moment you tell me I love you.

On Twitter from my heart, you are a worldwide Trending Topic every day.

I miss your lips in the distance, and I can only bite mine.

I think you and I could form a unique couple. Let me prove it to you, and I assure you, you will never regret it.

Your smile melts me, your eyes illuminate me, your breath drives me crazy, and your love to me guides me. more in Happy valentiens day love

I know you do not like me to smoke, but I will continue to do so that, when you are with me, you are forced to keep my lips busy.

Yesterday, when you left, I understood how much I love you. Now having you back next to me is all I hope for.

Can you look me in the eye and see if I have something? I think I have iron inside and you a magnet, because I can not stop looking.

I use “I love you” and “I do not love you”. It does not matter to me. The “I love you is for you”, and the “I do not love you” is for others.

I exchange two kisses for a poem. I know I win, but I have nothing else.

valentine day whatsapp dp hug

Your lips + My lips = Happiness.

Words can not understand what love is. Tell me with kisses, that I will understand you better.

I know there are many who love you, but few like me. Because my love is the same, with which the world was created.

You told me that ours had no future. Come on, I’ve stopped all the clocks.

We have reached the moon, we operate with an open heart, we have deepened in the depths of the sea. We can do whatever we want, so we can love.

Attentive, I just found something and it’s the most important thing for me. Look: [And you show him a mirror].

I do not drink because my favorite glass is your lips.

I wanted to take you out of my mind and tried to sleep, but I forgot you appear in my dreams because you are inside me.

As the sea kisses the ships, and the breeze kisses the sea, I would want to be by your side, to kiss you.

Actually, I’m not good at math. I do not know how many two by two. But in love class, I’m better than the teacher.

The smile must be owned by who deserves it. And it only deserves who does not let tears come out of your eyes, if they are not of happiness.

I want to be the air you breathe, and the sun that lights you, but above all, I want to be the love of your life.

You must know something important: Since I met you, my life changed completely. Now I feel full and I am not afraid at all.Happy Love Day 

I do not know what has happened to me, but this is completely in love. I do not know if you can remedy it, kissing me with those lips.

I want to comment on one thing, but I do not know where to start, read the first two words and you will understand.

I wanted to not love you, I thought not to think, I dreamed not to dream, but I forgot to forget you.

How can I not love you if you managed to conquer my heart?

You are the angel who stole my heart.

This started as a game, followed as a curiosity, and today we find ourselves in something that is very difficult to explain.

There are few gifts that give me hope, but since I receive your smiles, I keep them with love inside my heart.

Forgive me for so many times that I have stolen hugs and kisses, I can not help it, I only know how to love it.

I do not want pearls from the sea, nor spices from the East, all I want is to have you forever.

I want many things, one of them starts with “bes” and ends with “sos”.

You can not leave the girl who loves you for the girl you like. It is cruel to her and bad for you.

I love you when you kiss me, I love you when you call me, but above all, I love you when you tell me that without me you are nothing.

Cupid throws an arrow to unite lovers. I throw myself completely to be with you by the side.

The love I feel for you is unshakable. I know you’d never try it, but I assure you it is.

I want you to be by my side both when it’s cold and when it’s hot. I want to have a hole in your heart forever.

I told you that I love you, today I tell you that I love you.

I could stand without you if that made you happy. Luckily I know that next to me is where you want to live.

I love when you’re with me. You make Me Feel special. I think if you left, I could never forget you.

I hope you have a heart, because I think that I will not be able to sleep peacefully until I have your phone and the promise that we will see each other again. Will you help me?

I’m in intensive care. I need love, affection, same and passion. I hope you help me find a solution.

Love has a thousand roads and a hundred million destinations. But, really, I do not care what we go on and where we end up whenever I walk with you.

I love to hear you, but I lost my head for kissing you.

I’m just for you. I’m just with you.


Dedications of love can be a good weapon at the time of continuing to fall in love with your partner every day a little more. And you should not lose sight of the fact that love has to be worked every day. This is not to do this once and believe you already have forever .

Therefore, using this type of dedications at various time points, it may be the most intelligent, as long as your goal is to keep the girl with you (or even begin to seduce her).

In addition, the dedications of love differ from the nice compliments or phrases that can be used at a time when people interpret that are suitable, and not have to mean a statement as “the clear”.

This is of great help to the more timid, because it allows them to say what they feel, but they do not have to make it too clear, so they feel more relaxed. If you’re one of them, you should properly use these dedications of love .

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Romantic dedications can be used in a variety of ways. In general, the best time to use these dedications is at times when you do a gift. That is, Christmas, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, etc.

With this, what you will get is that the gift is emotionally double. First, the gift itself, but also because the dedication makes it clear how you feel about the other person, and that can have more value than the gift itself .

Of course, you can use them at other times, if you consider appropriate, but I would use the dedications especially when making a gift, because that’s when more power they have.

For other situations, use other phrases of love or compliments, which are best fit with that other context.


No, they are not enough. And sorry to say so clearly , but I can not let you go believing that this will suffice.

Love is something much more complex, and a simple inscription, although it may open a door that can subsequently exploit, the fact is that it is just that, a door.

Then you have to dare to continue to give the other steps, you have to captivate the heart of the girl (whether it’s your girlfriend as if it still is not), and you have to go to support with facts and events that you keep in the dedication .

valentine day whatsapp dp ring

Remember that things have to be demonstrated. And, if you want the other person really want to see that, you would have to prove something more than a simple inscription on a gift.

As you can see, with this list of dedications of love , you’ll love the girl you want with ease. Of course, remember that, once you have her by your side, you must continue to love her every day a little more.

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