Happy Valentines Day I Love You Quotes 2018

Famous Love Phrases

Happy Valentines Day To My Love 2018

For these phrases which have left an indelible mark on our reminiscence and our hearts. These are celebrated phrases of love.


I love how love loves. I know no different cause to love than to love you. What would you like me to say moreover that I love you, if what I wish to let you know is that I love you? (Fernando Pessoa)
True love is just like the spirits, all of them discuss it, however few have seen it. ((François de la Rochefoucauld)
To know the love of these we love is the hearth that nourishes life. (Pablo Neruda)
True love is nothing greater than the inevitable need to assist the opposite to be who he’s. (Jorge Bucay)
Love is the last word that means of all that surrounds us.

It will not be a easy feeling, it’s the fact, it’s the pleasure that’s on the origin of all creation. (Rabindranath Tagore)

Come to mattress with me. We won’t make love, he’ll make us. (Julio Cortazar)
The supreme happiness of life is to know that you’re beloved by your self or, extra exactly, regardless of your self. (Victor Hugo)

Happy Valentines Day To My Love
Between a person and a lady, friendship is only a catwalk that results in love. (Jules Renard)
Love to be genuine should value us. (Mother Teresa of Calcutta)
Love is a friendship with erotic moments. (Antonio Gala)
Why all of the love will come to me when I really feel unhappy, and I really feel far-off. (Pablo Neruda)
Love is so quick and oblivion so lengthy. (Pablo Neruda)

Hate doesn’t diminish with hatred, it diminishes withValentine Love 
The root of all passions is love. From him comes unhappiness, pleasure, pleasure and despair. (Lope de Vega)
Love consoles just like the sunshine after the rain. (William Shakespeare)
Love is a thriller. Everything in it’s phenomena to which it’s most inexplicable; Everything in it’s illogical, every little thing in it’s imprecise and absurd.

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