Propose Day 8 Feb

Propose Day 8 Feb The moment day of valentine week is known as a Propose day. It is generally celebrated on 8th of February. Love is something that you can’t describe as a fragrance that you’ll be able to feel just. When any individual drops in love having   somebody he always anticipate it he must even   be loved by her. The hardest task would be to allow him/her understand about your internal sentiments because someone is usually frightened of losing love after expressing his feelings. So suggest day is especially celebrated just to allow him/her know that you’re in love.

Happy valentines day feelings constantly arise from heart mind simply direct us how to communicate them. The expression ‘love’ is clarified by Lois Lowry “The mind can’t explain it, and you can’t make it go away. It’s called love”. So it will become challenging undertaking to draw a sketch of your own feelings. So suggest day is famous for these men and women who do not dare to ask their love one about their feelings ). On that day women and boys typically say their love for every other

Almost most of the people today observe Propose day in quite unique and romantic manner because this day is a start    of a new life thus the majority of the people today ask you concerning the story of the way you planned. Here are a few ways which individuals mainly adopts to suggest their nearest and dearest on 8th Feb Propose day.

Some folks do this in a public location by singing tune for their organizing a surprise audio for her or just they sit on one knee appearing at her with a blossom or a ring indicate day. Mostly ring clarify a proposition for participation and blossom suggests a beginning of a connection.

Not each of the folks chooses the people place some people today hesitate to reveal their feelings in front of  other individuals they mostly choose romantic area in which nobody can disrupt them mainly because they select mountain channel or restaurants or woods or easy a very long drive based on character of their spouse on indicate day.


1.) As soon as I saw you I dropped in love and you smiled because you knew. Happy suggest day.

2. You’re the joy of the life.

3. LOVE is a present. If you obtained it. Open and love, If do not worry someone someplace wrapping it to you.

  1. If I reached for your hand, will hold it ?

If I hold my arms out, will un hug me ?

If I choose ur lips, will un kiss me ?

If I catch ur heart, will un love me

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